About Us

We are a small team of software developers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. Individually, we've made dozens of attempts at different business ventures. What makes Turnham Ventures different, is the collective knowledge and experience that we all bring to the table. We've learned from our past projects, and we're now using this knowledge and experience to help other projects and launch new business ideas.

The company was founded by John Turnham as a parent company for many business ideas. It has since attracted venture capitalists, and we have seen some remarkable results as a team.

We specialize in technology, and we use this technology to maximize the ROI for each business. Whether your idea is technology-based, or whether you have a new product in mind that you want to sell, technology is going to play a crucial role in reaching your intended audience, processing orders, and making your business run as efficiently as possible.

For some examples of our most recent projects, please see our successful projects page. If you would like to join our team of investors, and support one of our projects which are in development, please contact us to get the specifics on our new projects in development.