Desktop and Windows Applications
For companies that wish to improve business automation, we develop custom desktop applications with the rich feature-set that you require.

For a second, think about the productivity that Microsoft's Word and Excel products bring to office workers... these desktop applications are two examples of tools that have been developed to improve office worker's productivity. Now imagine a completely new tool designed for your office worker, which allows them to manage any aspect of your company that would usually require many hours to do by hand. This is just an example of what desktop applications are capable of.

Some tools we have recently developed:

- A sohpisticated workflow management system for back-office document processing. Documents follow a defined workflow for managerial review, scoring, approval, and are passed to peers when specific criteria is met. This system has a high-level view of all operations for management, which shows the efficiency of all workers. The system as a whole allows for tight collaboration between office workers, while the paperwork funnelled into this system is available in electronic format 24/7 with multiple backup copies readily available. All personnel have immediate access to critical documents no matter where they are geographically located.

- A calendar management system for administrating public events & upcoming conventions for participants at the United Nations. This tool is used to share data between different offices and NGO's at the UN for collaboration, before these conventions take place.

- Automated notification system. This application monitors customer data for one of our clients and notifies personnel when a specified amount of time has elapsed without some communication with the customer. This has increased the upselling capability for this particular client by over 600% in the first two months of operation.