Successful Projects

We pride ourselves on a job well done.

This area showcases some of our successful projects which are now online, operational, self sufficient and generating recurring income for our customers. If you would like to invest in one or more of our newer projects, please view our projects in development page.

Successful Projects


If you love the drums, then DrumChannel has what you're looking for. This media-rich website hosts hundreds of live drum jams, online drumming lessons, and a broad selection of musical items and DVDs in the online music store.

Membership is optional, so have a look at the free content and enjoy the entertainment!


Interested in working with a personal trainer? Want to be trained by a professional in the privacy of your own home? ExclusiveTrainers has what you need. Get connected with a certified personal trainer and manage your workout schedule, book a session with your trainer online, order workout equipment and get results with a professional today.


Vitamin Exclusive is not your typical online vitamin store. This site is used by personal trainers to hand-pick the proper vitamins, minerals, and supplements for their clients. Although the site DOES have the best prices available anywhere on the web, this site is not indended to reach the masses... it is structured to help health professionals communicate with the individuals they work with.

J.C.S Plumbing Services

JCS Plumbing Services is a Plumbing & Gas Fitting company in Australia's Perth metropolitan area, which focuses on both Domestic and Commercial needs. They have a strong local history in the industry with many years experience. This experience has given them the skill-set to truly understand your needs and provide the services you require in a timely matter.

Yumee Tumee Pizza

Yumee Tumee Pizza is a franchising pizza company in Australia. With daily lunch specials, all items are available for dining in, take out, or delivery, and they frequently cater for special events. Get exclusive coupons from their website to get the most incredible promotions at Yumee Tumee Pizzas.


Tiffanesque is a clinical skin care business in the Southern California area, with its headquarters in Thousand Oaks. A treatment awaits for anyone who suffers from moderate to severe acne, wrinkles or imperfections. With an assortment of tools and services that range from microdermabrasions to chemical peels, Tiffanesque can solve a broad range of skin problems.


KingsArch is a major player in the commercial real estate industry in Los Angeles, California. They focus on quality real estate in premium business districts. If you're interested in learning more about KingsArch and their work in the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and the greater Los Angeles area, please visit their website and inquire within.


Over the past 50 years, both natural disasters and man-made devastation is on the rise. VitalKits is an informational website with tips on how to build an emergency kit and prepare for the unexpected so your loved ones are protected if disaster were to strike. Take a look, and learn how to protect your loved ones if the unexpected occurs.