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You have a brilliant idea.... we know you do!

Why sit on it any longer? If you are anything like us, you've got a breakthrough product in mind that nobody else has thought of. Perhaps you aren't sharing your idea because you don't want anyone to steal it and make a fortune without you.

Millions of people have these thoughts. What makes you different from everybody else, is that you now have Turnham Ventures in your corner to support you in your ventures.

If you would like to speak with our team about developing one of your ideas, please contact us or send an email to so we can schedule a time to discuss a gameplan for launching your ideas.

We're eager to hear your brilliant ideas and can't wait to discuss them with you!

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The Project Submission Tool is just a simple form for us to gather some basic contact details from you. We will then contact you to discuss your project in greater detail. This will allow us to establish a sound understanding of your goals and build a mutually benefitial partnership to acheive those goals.
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